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Private Flu Vaccinations

The seasonal influenza vaccines are available at the Raby Medical Centre. If you are eligible under the National Immunisation Program(NIP) there is no cost to the patient. If you not eligible under the NIP, you will have an out of pocket fee of $25.

Irrespective of the NIP eligibility there will be a time based cost for the consultancy. More information on this is available under our Fees section

How can I register for vaccination?

To register for vaccination, you can make an appointment at Raby Medical Centre through the following links.


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Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for the Government-funded flu vaccination?

Eligibility for the Government-funded influenza vaccination include

All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged six months and older

All children aged between six months and five years of age, including Aboriginal and medically at risk persons

All individuals aged five years and older with medical risk conditions like,

  • cardiac disease, including cyanotic congenital heart disease, coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure

  • chronic respiratory conditions, including suppurative lung disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and severe asthma

  • other chronic illnesses requiring regular medical follow up or hospitalisation in the previous year, including diabetes mellitus, chronic metabolic diseases, chronic renal failure, and haemoglobinopathies

  • chronic neurological conditions that impact respiratory function, including multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, and seizure disorders

  • impaired immunity, including HIV, malignancy and chronic steroid use

  • children aged six months to ten years on long-term aspirin therapy

Pregnant women (the influenza vaccine can be given at any stage of pregnancy)

People aged 65 years and older


Proving eligibility

If you are eligible for the Government-funded flu shot, you will be required to provide proof of the above via a declaration form, health records, or, if required, a health professional referral.


When will the vaccine be available?

​The seasonal influenza vaccine under the National Immunisation Program (NIP) is generally available from April, but timing may vary depending  government policy and vaccine availability. It is recommended that you get vaccinated in autumn, as it provides protection in time for peak influenza season, which is typically in winter.


I need more information on influenza vaccines and whether they are suitable for me

If you have any concerns about the influenza shot, we suggest you discuss them with your GP. It is recommended that you make an appointment with your GP for a standard consultation on a day prior to your vaccination appointment.

It is highly recommended that you have any clinical questions addressed prior to vaccination.

Can I book an appointment now for the influenza vaccine?

You can book an appointment for the influenza vaccine with Raby Medical Centre. If you are eligible for the Government-funded flu shot, you can make an appointment here: Raby Medical Centre - Book Appointments with AutoMed Systems. However, if you do not meet the eligibility criteria, you can book an appointment at Raby Medical Centre - Book Appointments with AutoMed Systems for the private flu vaccine.​

How many doses are needed and when?

​The influenza vaccine is a single-dose shot except certain exceptional circumstances. If you have specific questions its best to discuss this with the GP prior to booking the vaccine appointment.


How long do I need to wait between the flu and COVID-19 vaccines?

15 Days.

However, if you are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, it is recommended that you get the vaccine as soon as possible and plan your flu short accordingly. If you are not eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine immediately, it is recommended that you get the flu shot as soon as you can and plan your COVID-19 vaccine accordingly.


How much does it cost?

​The Government-funded vaccine provided through the NIP are free for all eligible persons. The cost of the private flu shot is $25


Why is there a seperate consultation fee?

NIP and Private vaccine costs only cover the material. The consultation fee is for the GP’s time involved in administering the vaccine.


Is the influenza vaccine safe?

The seasonal influenza vaccines administered are assessed by the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) and you can find a product description for each vaccine here: TGA eBS - Product and Consumer Medicine Information.

However, we also understand that persons may have different opinions about the influenza vaccine and vaccination in general, which is why vaccination is voluntary. The ultimate decision on getting an influenza vaccine is up to the recipient or guardian and the regulatory requirements based on the jurisdiction in which they live.


What happens after I receive the vaccine?

The main concern about getting the influenza vaccine is any side effects that you may experience, which can mimic influenza infection. However, most side effects following vaccination are mild and do not last more than a couple of days.

You can find more information on side effects and adverse events here: Influenza (flu) | The Australian Immunisation Handbook (


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