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Top Reasons To See A GP

Let's accept it!

Most of us postpone visit to the GP until we are unwell and require medical attention.

However, it is recommended that people visit a GP on a regular basis as it can help your doctor notice any early signs of diseases and changes in your risk profile.

When choosing a GP, I highly recommend you find someone that you are comfortable with and can visit regularly. This is important for continuity of care.

I would like to take you through some of the common reasons patients see me.

Preventive measures

As the saying goes, "prevention is better than cure". Preventive measures are possible through regular medical check-ups and visits to a general practitioner.

A GP is trained to the first point of contact to detect risks of chronic diseases, vascular and metabolic diseases, and cancers. Prevention of various other diseases can also be a benefit of regular check-ups with a GP, especially depending on your age and medical history as well as the medical history of your family members.

Your GP will consider various factors and suggest routine checks as well as tests that can help the medical practitioner determine if you are at risk of a particular condition or need to take preventive measures.

In general, it is advised that you visit a GP if you are at risk of developing diabetes or have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Your gender or ethnicity will also be reason for visits to a GP. E.g. if you are a woman menopause complications or ovarian and breast cancer risks are a few to name.

Conditions that call for a visit to a GP

In addition to preventive care, a GP plays an important role in treatment of health conditions and is typically the first medical professional a patient will talk to. Some of the main conditions that people see a GP for are respiratory conditions like asthma, sinusitis and asthma and circulatory issues like high blood pressure and hypertension.

In addition to this, immunity disorders, metabolic disease, diabetes, joint disorders, and conditions like ear infections and migraine are also among the top reasons to visit a GP.

In Australia skin related issues specifically, skin cancer risk is another common reason.

In addition to various physical conditions, issues related to one’s mental health also call for a visit to the GP. While many assume a GP cannot help you with mental illnesses, thats only far from reality. In my day to day encounter with patients, I help my patients with a number of mental health conditions and generally refer them on other specialists if required.

At Raby Family Practice, you can seek medical attention for most of these conditions and their services include flu shots and travel vaccinations, women’s health and family planning, child health and immunisation, home visits, and mental health and chronic disease management.

Reduce the long term cost of poor health

This is a very touchy subject. Let's face it - its also one of the crippling factors if one is faced with financial burden due their illness. In Australia we are fortunate with a great safety net in the form of Medicare.

Cost of poor health is also indirect if you are required to stay off work, unable to perform the preferred line of work or just even unable to perform day to day activities;

In the long-run, regular check-ups can reduce your medical costs, especially with preventive care as opposed to treatment. Moreover there is a non financial cost to be reduced / avoided if you can lead a healthy life. A trusted GP can be a partner and coach who can help you lead a healthy life in the long term.


A GP is a true partner in building immunity against known diseases such as the measles and chickenpox. Your GP is the point of access for many things immunisation, including childhood immunisation, seasonal flu vaccination or something as usual as the Covid19.

Most vaccines in Australia are fully or partly funded under the National Immunisation Program (NIP). There are a few exceptions such as the travel vaccines and private flu vaccines that your GP can help you with.

These are the top reasons why you should visit a GP on a regular basis and, if a check-up is long overdue, it is recommended that you make an appointment with a GP of your choice. If you like make an appointment to consult me, you can do by clicking the Book Appointment link

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