COVID-19 Vaccinations

We are pleased to announce that we have been selected by the Australian Government to supply the Phase 1B COVID 19 Vaccines from mid-April.

How can I register for vaccination?

Covid19 vaccination will delivered through appointments and is expected to take some time to get all the patients. If you couldn't find an appointment immediately, there is no need to panic. Please make an appointment on the earliest available date 

A few important things to note.

  • Doctor's time will be split between Covid19 vaccines and standard consults. 

  • Covid19 vaccination will take place on dedicated days and in the morning session.

  • No other general medical concerns could be discussed during Covid19 vaccination sessions. This is due to strict cold chain management requirements for Covid19 vaccines. 

  • It's recommended that you make a separate appointment prior to the vaccination day if you have additional questions 

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When will the vaccine be available?

The dose 1 vaccines are available from  The government will only make the vaccines in small batches. Raby Medical Centre is allocated 50 vaccines per week. 


Who is eligible for phase 1B?

The following patients are eligible for the Phase 1B COVID 19 Vaccination Program:
– Elderly adults aged 70 and over
– Other health care workers over 50 years of age
– Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people > 55
– Adults with an underlying medical condition, including those with a disability  over 50 years of age*

– Critical and high risk workers over 50 years of age including defence, police, fire, emergency services and meat processing**

Proving eligibility 

*People will need to provide proof of these conditions to demonstrate their eligibility for vaccination via My health record, a health professional referral if required, or a declaration form.


** Workers will need to provide proof of occupation to demonstrate their eligibility.


I need more information on Covid19 vaccines and whether it's suitable for me.

If you like to discuss specific clinical aspects in addition to what's shared here and from the Australian Government, you are welcome to discuss this with your GP. This discussion needs to take place on a day prior to vaccination. Please make an appointment for the standard consultation as usual. It’s highly recommended you withhold the vaccination appointment until your clinical questions are addressed. 

Can I Book an appointment now for the COVID 19 vaccine?

The appointments can be made here .  Please select Covid19 Dose 1 Phase 1 B  from the Appointment Type dropdown menu.

You will be prompted with a questionnaire and a consent form at time of booking. If you have difficulties with the consent form,  please call the Reception on 98206292 so that an assisted booking be made and the consent form be done on the day of vaccination















How Many Doses are needed and when?

The COVID 19 Vaccine is administered as two doses. Government will advise us when new information is available on the second dose. We will not be able to use the vaccines from the 1st dose for the follow up 2nd dose. 


How Long do I need to wait between the flu and COVID vaccine?

The Australian Government has recommended a gap of at least TWO WEEKS between the flu and COVID vaccines. 


How Much does it cost?

The COVID 19 Vaccine is provided and administered at NO COST to all eligible Medicare Card holders. If you choose to discuss the detailed clinical aspects prior to the vaccination day, this will be a chargeable item. The cost surrounding this will be the same as the standard consults.


Is the COVID 19 Vaccine Safe

Yes, the COVID 19 vaccine has been carefully assessed by the TGA and has been approved for use in Australia. We do appreciate that some patients may have different opinions around the Covid19 vaccines and vaccines in general. This is something that we respect. The ultimate decision is up to the patients/guardians and the regulatory requirements based on the jurisdictions in which they live.

For More Information:

What happens after I have received the vaccine?

The most important aspects to be concerned about after you receive your vaccines is to understand the side effects. Most common reactions are trivial. However there can be severed reactions in some rare cases. 

More information on this is found here

Covid 19 Vaccination Appointment Booking


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